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4 Common Mistakes Good Window Installers Don’t Make

Man installing a window

There are many reasons why you should invest in hiring the best replacement window contractor that you can find in your area: you get good products and better warranties, for starters. In today’s post, VillWell Builders, LLC discusses another compelling reason why you should invest in good replacement window installers: so you don’t have to worry about them committing the following common mistakes.

1. Not Following Manufacturer Instructions — In our years of experience, we’ve never subscribed to the “seen one, seen ‘em all” mentality that some installers have. Despite similarities in style and shape, replacement window installation varies between manufacturers. Even small components like fasteners are not interchangeable, and making such a small yet crucial mistake can lead to rattling, leaks or reduced energy efficiency. Even when we decided to offer quality replacement windows from a single manufacturer, Mercury Excelum, our installers always make sure to pay attention to each window’s installation requirements.

2. Not Inspecting the Wall Opening — Good window installers will make sure that the replacement windows are installed on a sound structure. Inexperienced installers tend to be too eager to begin installation that they overlook the wall opening’s condition. Our window replacement installers, on the other hand, carefully inspect the framing structure and perform repairs before installing the new windows.

3. Ignoring Building Codes — Replacement window companies are expected to know every local building code that apply to windows. Noncompliant installations will be compelled to be torn down and corrected, usually at cost to whoever applied for the permit. A good contractor will make sure that all installations are up to code, particularly for those homes that may be compliant with outdated codes but aren’t with current ones.

4. Misuse of Spray Foam — During a standard window installation process, the gap between frame and wall opening is filled with an expanding spray foam. This seals and insulates the gap and prevents heat leaks. This part of the process has to be done correctly: applying too much expanding foam or using high-expanding foam in tight gaps can exert pressure, resulting in distorted window frames.

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