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3 Simple Ways to Create a More Open Kitchen Space

Open concept kitchen

Is your kitchen looking and feeling cramped? You can actually create an airier and more open feel in this space with a few design considerations. Read on as the premier roof repair and kitchen remodel company in the area, Villwell Builders, LLC, shares some handy tips here. 

  1. Pick a lighter color palette. If you want to make your kitchen look and feel less confined, choose white, cream and other light neutrals for the palette. If you can, pick the same color for the walls and ceiling. This draws the eye upward, making the room appear more seamless. A lighter color scheme in your kitchen also reflects the natural light entering the space, allowing for an airier feel.
  1. Connect your rooms. Have you ever considered removing the wall between your kitchen and the adjacent room? By creating one large room, you and your family can move across the kitchen and dining area much more smoothly. Before you start knocking down walls, however, turn to a reliable company like Villwell Builders, LLC. We’re not just your expert in emergency roof repair–we can also work on your kitchen remodeling needs. Our trained and experienced crew will determine any structural considerations so we can connect these two spaces safely and effectively.
  1. Increase your access to natural light. Another simple and effective way to create a larger, more open feel for your kitchen is by installing larger windows. They allow more natural light to stream into the room, giving it the illusion of more space and a cheerier vibe. Consider picture windows because they have thin frames and expansive glass. But if you also want to let in a cooling breeze, you should consider sliding windows, which resemble windows–only operable. Villwell Builders, LLC offers high-quality replacement windows from Mercury Excelium®. If you need newer, better window units to grace your kitchen and give it a spacious feel, all you need to do is turn to us.

Villwell Builders, LLC is the trusted roofing contractor and kitchen remodeler you can count on for the highest quality results. Expect only a smooth, worry-free experience when you work with us. We proudly serve the areas in and around Waterbury, CT. Call us today at (475) 271-1242 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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