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The Best Shower Flooring For Your Bathroom

Modern bathroom with white bathtub

There are many different shower flooring materials to choose from. However, choosing the right one for your bathroom remodel can be overwhelming, so it helps to hire a trusted bathroom and siding contractor to narrow down your choices. Some of the most popular flooring materials include: 


Ceramic and porcelain tiles have always been the standard materials in all kinds of bathrooms, but what differentiates them is their water-resistant capabilities. However, compared to porcelain, ceramic tiles absorb more than 0.5% water. This is why porcelain tends to be the more expensive choice. 

Porcelain is often recommended in smaller bathroom spaces that get a lot of humidity. It’s also more resistant to chemicals and scratches while still being completely waterproof. Using this for your shower flooring will also last you many years.

Ceramic is still a good choice if you don’t want to go beyond the budget in your bathroom remodeling project. It’s generally cheaper than porcelain while offering well-rounded advantages that make it a durable and easy-to-install option. Talk to your kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor to know which is best for your shower floor.

Natural Stone

Some types of natural stone can add a spa-like feeling to your shower experience, such as pebbles. The material also has an excellent grip and you get a slight foot massage, and they can also be cleaned by using a grout cleaner and sealer. But if you want to keep the film from building up, use a hard water stain remover or distilled vinegar may also be needed at times to keep the film from building up.

Another popular natural stone for your shower flooring is slate. It’s usually dark and smoky, so it gives the right amount of contrast to your bathroom remodel. It’s also durable and easy to clean once it’s sealed properly!

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