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3 Common but Costly DIY Shower Remodeling Mistakes

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Contrary to popular belief, a DIY shower remodel won’t save you money. In fact, DIY remodels almost always end up costing homeowners more in the long run. That’s because, without the necessary training or expertise, first-time DIYers are more likely to make basic—but costly—mistakes. 

VillWell Builders, LLC, your trusted siding and bathroom remodeling contractor, lists some of the most common DIY remodeling mistakes below: 

1. Unrealistic Timelines and Budgets 

Early planning and meticulous budgeting are vital to keeping your shower remodel on track and within budget. The problem is first-time DIYers often underestimate the costs of a shower remodel and the amount of time needed to finish installing tiles. And since most DIYers can only work on remodeling projects on weekends, any minor setback can cause major delays. 

2. Incorrect Bathroom Layout

Despite being one of the most frequently used parts of a home, bathrooms don’t usually have a lot of floor space. That’s why before the start of the remodel, it’s important to create a layout outlining the placement of fixtures in your shower and bathroom. 

Important note: don’t forget to take into account your bathroom’s plumbing (particularly the location of the drain) before buying a shower pan. If the shower fixtures are located too far away from the water pipes, you may be forced to do some replumbing, which will instantly blow your budget for the shower remodel

3. Sloppy Waterproofing 

The problem with waterproofing is that it’s highly technical. For instance, the curing times for sealers vary depending on the product. Not to mention there are certain types of waterproofing membranes that are not compatible with certain substrates and adhesives. If your shower isn’t completely waterproof, water could seep into your bathroom’s underlying structure and cause structural damage. 

Why It’s Best to Leave All the Remodeling Work to the Professionals 

Given that even minor mistakes can cause significant issues that would be hard—and expensive—to fix, it’s best to let professional kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors handle your shower remodel. 

Looking for experienced bathroom remodelers near you? 

VillWell Builders, LLC, a company with over 20 years of experience, offers a wide range of professional exterior services, including construction services deck and additions as well as bathroom remodeling services. To schedule an appointment, call us at (475) 271-1242 or fill out this form. 

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