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Master Bedroom vs. Master Suite

Older style bedroom

You’ve finally saved enough money to procure a new property, and it’s time to look for one of the best investments: real estate. While browsing for a new property to buy for your family, you notice that some listing have a master bedroom and others boast a master suite. You do know your basics, like what a kitchen should look like and how big it should be, but you might wonder what differences a normal bedroom has from a master bedroom. And what’s so special about a master suite? Are a master bedroom and a master suite the same? Siding and interior experts from VillWell Builders, LLC are here to explain in this post.

Master or Primary Bedroom

A consensus between interior designers and real estate agents defines a master bedroom to be the largest or the most appealing and comfortable room in the property. It’s usually the most lavish and the most private part of the household as well. Master or primary bedrooms usually boast the best view from their windows and are usually placed in the best location in the house. As for features, a master bedroom typically has a larger, or even the largest, closet space among all the bedrooms, an attached bathroom accessible only from within the room, and a sturdy door that locks from the inside.

Keep in mind that not all master bedrooms are the same. Master or primary bedrooms generally refer to simply the most spacious room within the household, and some might not even have an attached bathroom. But one thing is certain, a master bedroom is meant for the head of the family or the one who is designated to be the central figure of the household, making this part of the house a private sanctuary for that person (which can be furthered by adding a window that has a direct view of yourdeck and additions that can increase its space).

Master or Primary Suite

A master or primary suite is, for all intents and purposes, a complete master bedroom with even more amenities and premiums for the head of the household. Sometimes referred to as the “owner’s suite” as well, these bedrooms are completely private and lavish, with their own attached bathroom, walk-in closet, linen closet, sitting space, private balcony, wet bar, fireplace and even a private study or office. Master suites that are packed with amenities and functions are also referred to as “luxury” or “executive” versions of the master suite, specifically designed and tailored for the pleasure and preference of the master of the household.

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