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Is Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Properly Installed?

Shingle style roof

There are significant asphalt shingle roof components that make up a whole system. It is certain that these materials are necessary to ensure the functionality of your roofing. In this post, you will learn from a deck and additions expert some of the hallmarks of a properly installed asphalt roofing system as your guide.

Asphalt Shingles. These cover the entirety of your roofing system which is made of a fiberglass base mat coated. They normally come with protective mineral granules that allow the material to resist harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, blistering heat and hailstorms. 

Chimney Saddle. If your chimney measures over 30 inches wide, it could be that the contractor ought to have installed a saddle that prevents leaves and rainwater from collecting behind the chimney. This preserves the wood under your shingles and stops the flashing from rusting. 

Hip and Ridge Products. Roof and siding repair pros say these are shingles typically installed at the hip and ridge of the roof system. They provide the roof with a neat and finished look.

Starter Strip Shingles. These are the primary row of shingles installed at the eaves. These are equipped to ensure roof installation, as they not only prevent the material from blowing off because of high wind speeds but also lower the possibility of roof leaks.

Underlayment. This feature should be installed under all your roofing materials as an extra layer of water penetration protection from weather damage and other elements.

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