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Why Asphalt Shingles Offer Great Value for Money

Brown shingle roof

It is easy to see why asphalt shingles remain the most popular roofing material across the country. Stroll around your neighborhood and you’ll find them installed on most homes. This is not surprising due to the numerous advantages of the material that allow greater value for money.  Villwell Builders, LLC, the trusted contractor for your roofing and kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs, highlights some of them here.


Asphalt shingles are an economical choice for homeowners looking for a durable roof covering at a reasonable cost. This stems from the fact that they are fast and easy to install. They are also lightweight, which means additional roof support isn’t necessary. Asphalt shingles can last 15 to 20 years depending on the level of maintenance and quality of the material.


Much like siding and window frames, asphalt shingles are available in a wide assortment of colors, textures and thicknesses. This allows you to match your choice with your home’s architectural style and color palette. They are so versatile that some are even designed to mimic the authentic appearance of other roofing materials such as slate and wood shakes. No matter your selection, you can be sure your asphalt shingle roof contributes to your home’s curb appeal.


Despite being lightweight, high-quality asphalt shingles possess excellent weather performance and damage resistance. The GAF roofing products we offer and install, for instance, come with Advanced Protection® Technology that allows them to withstand high wind speeds, heavy downpours, hailstorms, intense heat and snow loads.


Asphalt shingles are highly recyclable. By the end of their service life, these are torn off from your roof and manufactured into new products for construction projects and roadwork. This helps minimize landfill waste, making asphalt shingles an eco-friendly product.

Learn more about our asphalt shingle options from GAF by contacting the roofing experts at Villwell Builders, LLC. As GAF-certified roofers, we make sure every roofing system we install can withstand years of wear and tear from the elements while providing dependable protection.

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