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Choosing Between a Kitchen Island and Peninsula

Natural wood on a modern kitchen

Any kind of home remodeling project is fun, especially if you’re planning to upgrade your kitchen. Before getting started, you’ll probably want to decide between having a kitchen island or a peninsula to complement your home’s design. Each kind of addition has its own benefits and drawbacks. Fortunately, your local kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, Villwell Builders, LLC, helps you choose between them. 

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a great addition to any kind of kitchen layout. It’s a freestanding table that’s detached from your cabinets and counters. You can also integrate other kitchen options to your kitchen island, such as countertops, storage cabinets and a food prep area where you can stay with your family and friends. However, it requires a generous amount of space so that it can be executed correctly, so it’s not a good choice for smaller kitchens without major tweaking.

Kitchen Peninsula

Your kitchen and roofing contractor will tell you that a kitchen peninsula is also a highly popular option. This is a great option for homeowners with smaller kitchen spaces, or with L-shaped kitchen designs. The kitchen peninsula serves as a natural border between different kitchen areas, while taking up less space than a kitchen island. However, it isn’t freestanding. One major drawback of kitchen peninsulas is that they have “dead zones”, or right-angled corners that have blind cabinets which can be difficult to operate.

The Better Choice?

Both options can provide you more space for your family to use without disrupting the food preparation process. They can also be custom-made to fit your needs and wants, so it’s down to figuring out what’s best for your kitchen. If you have a medium to large-sized kitchen, then go for a kitchen island. If you prefer to have a barrier when prepping food, or if you have limited space, then utilize the kitchen peninsula.

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