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Key Bathroom Components You Shouldn’t Skimp On

Modern style mirrors in a bathroom

If you’re planning a major home renovation this year, you might start with your home’s exteriors. But whether you need a new roof or plan a siding repair and replacement job, this can be too overwhelming if done on your own. And if you’re also planning to do extensive interior renovations, you’ll need to work with an experienced contractor especially when it comes to bathroom remodels.  

Bathroom renovations can be fun and exciting, but if you want to ensure your project goes smoothly, there are several things you should consider. Working with a professional is essential as they know how to listen to your needs and preferences and provide solutions that won’t go beyond how much you’re willing to spend. Using the appropriate materials for your new bathroom is also crucial especially in certain key components. Should you choose to cut corners and go for low-quality fixtures and tiles, for instance, it can affect your bathroom’s overall appearance and resilience to wear and tear over time.

To avoid additional costs and problems, our interior and siding repair experts strongly recommend making the most out of your bathroom remodeling project. That means you should avoid skimping even on the essential components, including:


Assuming that this is a DIY job will only lead to additional problems and costs later after the renovations have been completed. When it comes to waterproofing your bathroom, you need to follow the regulations that are implemented in your area. This is also a job that’s typically done by professional bathroom remodelers, so you shouldn’t cut corners by doing it yourself. If it isn’t done properly, the condensation and water leaks can lead to structural damage in your new bathroom.


Your vanity’s countertop will be one of the first things people notice when they see your new bathroom. They’ll also see a lot of wear and tear as they’re being used daily, you must choose a good quality material for your remodel. With many different materials available, our home improvement experts suggest going for a material that can withstand moisture, chemicals and even hot items placed on the surface. You wouldn’t want to spend too much time keeping your bathroom countertop clean, so we also recommend going for materials with low-maintenance qualities.

Exhaust Fan

Not many homeowners realize the vital role ventilation plays in preventing moisture and mold buildup on bathroom walls. While it may not be the most visible part of your bathroom remodel, the ventilation fan is still an essential component that you shouldn’t skimp on. Make sure your new bathroom is designed with a good ventilation system with an exhaust fan. Otherwise, the steam and moisture will not only lead to mold and mildew but also damage the grout and paint used in your new bathroom!

Storage Space

When it comes to home improvement, adequate storage space is important in interior design, especially in your new bathroom. You’ll need space not just for skincare products and cosmetics but also for towels, bathroom appliances, and other items. When designing your bathroom remodel, consider adding more space than you currently need, as you’ll often use them for newer items and appliances over time. 

If you have a smaller bathroom, you can still add more storage! For instance, consider more drawers under the vanity for easier access. Deep drawers can also store bathroom appliances like blow dryers or a hair curler. You can even have cabinets custom-made to your preference. Just make sure to work closely with your hired contractor and they can suggest innovative storage solutions that can make the most out of your bathroom space!


Since water is always present in bathrooms, it’s only natural that your flooring should withstand the constant moisture. Avoid choosing low-quality material for your bathroom flooring and instead consider the appearance, durability, cost, and maintenance. Porcelain and ceramic tile are two of the most common flooring materials in almost any bathroom space, but there are other options to consider as well such as vinyl flooring, natural stone, or even engineered wood! The material you choose for your flooring should still reflect what you’re aiming for in terms of design, so it helps to work with a trusted bathroom and building renovation contractor.


As a homeowner, you’ll want your bathroom renovation to be just the way you envisioned it, right down to the type of toilet installed. They’re one of the main reasons why you’re using the bathroom, after all. If you settle for a lower quality toilet, it will only cost you more in the long run. And if a problem ever arises with your toilet, you’ll be forced to pay for a new one if the repairs cost more than the toilet itself!

Consider a high-quality toilet that can withstand the daily wear and tear whenever you or your family uses it. Your toilet should also be installed properly to prevent any future plumbing leaks, cracks, or any other issues. While it may mean higher upfront costs, investing in a good toilet means you won’t have to worry about using it for many years.

Plumbing and Fixtures

If you’re planning a full overhaul of your bathroom, you’ll most likely need to update the plumbing as well. This is to accommodate the design of your new bathroom, especially if you’re planning to rearrange the placement of your toilet, shower, and tub. You shouldn’t skimp on your plumbing fixtures as well, even if you don’t plan on having a luxurious bathroom space. 

Your faucets and sink will be used almost daily, so they must be durable enough to stay functional after constant wear and tear. Choosing low-quality materials will undoubtedly lead to premature failure and added replacement costs. You can still choose chrome and plastic fixtures, but sturdier materials such as brass can be wrapped in different finishes that can go with any type of bathroom design.

If you’re looking for a reliable bathroom and building renovation contractor, Villwell Builders, LLC has got you covered. You can reach us by calling (475) 271-1242 or filling out our convenient contact form. Talk to us today! 

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