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What to Consider Before Building a Deck

Newly remodeled deck

Installing a deck is a common home improvement project among American homes. It’s sort of a tradition. And why not? It’s a great home addition that allows outdoor living, and it’s also known to add value to a property.

Before calling your contractor to have them design your deck, however, it’s best to figure out first what you want the deck for, and what unique features you’ll need. Here are some ideas for success:

State Your Purpose

  • Dining Area. If you want a deck for eating meals with your family, make sure there’s enough space for the right table size and the number of chairs. Take into account the space for walking around people who are seated. Four feet all the way around the table should be enough.
  • Barbecue Area. Decks are a must if you love a good barbecue. Build a food prep area and a grill. Consider a small refrigerator as well as a sink. Be careful not to place the grill too close to the siding or anything that excess heat can damage. Add built-in perimeter seats plus handrails that do double duty as resting areas for cups.
  • Lounging Area. Think lounge seats and a low table for coffee or a good bottle of suds. Maybe add an awning or build your deck under the shade of a tree. Will your local codes allow you to build a fire pit? You get the idea.
  • Combination. If you’re into all of these things, then a combination of some or all of them should be a good idea. Of course, a combination of these purposes will mean more expenses.


You don’t need to have the materials and the furniture yet for this step. Just use a meter, string and stakes to create your imaginary layout. If you want, you can use some furniture as stand-ins for where you intend to place some. Check if there is enough space for your intended activities. Walk behind chairs and tables. Picture it in your mind and get a feel for your project.

Shop Around for Materials

Now you should learn more about your material options. There are different types of wood, including pressure-treated wood. The price of wood for deck-building varies depending on several factors, including wood type, availability in your area, lifespan and others.

You can also choose composite, which is man-made and mimics the look of real wood. Some composites look better than others, so be careful not to base your buying decision on the price alone.

Another option is PVC. It can mimic real wood but some may look less wood-like.

Resist the temptation to buy the first material you find. Instead, go around and look at materials, ask about prices, life span, care needs, etc. It’s also a good idea to talk to your contractor at this point. They can help you choose the best option for your needs and your budget.

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