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Repairing or Replacing Your Roof: Factors You Should Consider

Brown shingle roof

Making the right decision is important to help reduce short- and long-term costs of a roofing system improvement. Before you hire a roofing contractor or choose a roofing material manufacturer, you must first determine whether a repair or replacement is in order. Facing this dilemma can be daunting, but taking a closer look at the factors below can help you make the right call.

The Age of the Roof

Knowing when a roof was installed and what it’s made of provides insight into how much life it has left. An asphalt shingle roof, for instance, has an expected service life of at least 20 to 25 years as long as constant upkeep is observed. A roof that sustains minor damage within a few years after installation will benefit from a simple repair. However, a replacement is due if it is closer to the end of its life span.

The Extent and Severity of Leaks

Leaks start small. Before they grow bigger and become worse, an inspection will be necessary to determine how widespread they are. Leaks along flashings are common; a quick repair on that part of the roof will suffice if it is isolated. Finding leaks in other areas of the roof apart from flashings necessitates a replacement carried out by a reliable roofing contractor.

Presence of Rot and Mold

If properly installed, a residential roofing system can protect the home from the elements, including precipitation. Over time, however, shingles may go missing or show cracks and other forms of damage, affecting the roof’s health and performance. If water finds its way to the roof deck and inside your home, mold and rot may begin to thrive in the attic and may compromise the structural integrity of the rafters. A repair or replacement may be recommended depending on the extent of these problems.

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