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Upgrades You Should Consider for Your Guest Bathroom

Modern bathroom with a gray background

The guest bathroom is one of the last things you consider upgrading in your home since this space is not used as much. However, having an extra functional bathroom is great when you have family or friends staying over. Even small changes, when done right, can significantly improve the appeal and serviceability of the room.

A local provider of  deck and additions  share quick but impactful guest bathroom upgrades you should consider. 

Tub Replacement

Replacing an old tub with a newer, chic one will instantly boost the appeal of your guest room. This project will also improve the comfort of your space and allow you to address issues common with older tubs. 

Shower Replacement

Is your current shower dirty and filled with mold and mildew? It may be best to have it replaced by a professional. At VillWell Builders, LLC, our experienced  kitchen and bathroom remodeling  experts will help you select and install the ideal bathroom features for your needs and lifestyle. 

Tub or Shower Conversion

A bath conversion involves turning a tub into a shower or vice versa. It’s among the simplest and easiest ways to remodel your guest bathroom. If you want your tub or shower area to be safer or Americans with Disabilities Act-approved, this upgrade is for you. 

Minor Bathroom Remodel

A minor bathroom remodel is great for homeowners to want to give their entire space a refresh. Depending on the features you want to change or add, a small bathroom remodel can only take a few days and sometimes, even just a day. 

At VillWell Builders, LLC, we’re here to help with your exterior and interior home remodeling needs. Whether you need a new siding or want to upgrade your bathroom, you can count on our skilled team. Call us at (475) 271-1242 or fill out our  contact form  to get a free estimate. 

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