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How to Winterize Your Deck

Snow on a deck

Your deck and additions should be able to handle the build-up of ice and snow as long as they were installed properly. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to take precautions to minimize the effects of subzero temperatures on your deck. After all, the winter weather can be especially harsh on your deck, particularly if it’s made of wood. 

How soon should your deck be winterized? Contractors recommend winterizing your deck in fall—or after Thanksgiving at the latest—to make sure it’ll be able to withstand harsh weather and extend its lifespan. 

How do you winterize your deck and prepare it for winter? 

Winterizing Your Deck 

  • Remove dirt, debris and outdoor furniture on your deck – Keep an eye out for any leaves and branches in the corners of your deck. Organic debris accumulates moisture, which in turn promotes the growth of mold that eats away wet wood.  
  • Trim overhanging branches – Check the stability of the tree branches near your home. Strong winds can easily knock down onto your deck. 
  • Wash your deck – Power washers can easily remove stubborn grease stains and mildew. However, if you have an older wooden deck, we recommend washing the surface using a bleach-free cleaner. As for your siding, it’s best to check a manufacturer’s manual before using a power washer. 
  • Apply sealant to your wooden deck – Unlike composite or vinyl decking, wood decking is vulnerable to moisture damage, which is why it needs to be waterproofed.  

Why It’s Best to Let Contractors Handle Deck Winterizing   

Deck boards that have absorbed excess moisture are vulnerable to wood rot and should be replaced before winter. Finding these rot-prone deck boards can be tricky, which is why it’s best to leave it to the professionals. 

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