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Key Questions to Ask When Planning a Deck

Man installing a new deck

A deck is one of the best things you can invest in for your home. This outdoor space is great for hosting family gatherings and parties with friends. It’s also a beautiful spot to spend your lazy afternoons. Moreover, a deck built with quality materials can add value to your property. Those who are thinking of selling their home in the future can benefit from this. 

A local outdoor living and roofing contractor shares questions you should ask yourself when planning a deck.

Why Do I Want a Deck?

Some build a deck to create an extension of their kitchen while others build one to have a space for their hot tub. However, the two main reasons people decide to invest in a deck is for outdoor recreation and to boost property value.

Which Materials Should I Go For?

The three main categories of deck material are pressure-treated wood, untreated wood and composites or PVC. These materials vary by cost, upkeep, longevity and performance. For instance, natural wood can give more warmth to your space but it requires more maintenance. On the other hand, composite materials have all the benefits of wood but don’t require as much care. It’s also not prone to rot and lasts longer when installed and maintained properly. At VillWell Builders, LLC, we only use quality materials for your deck installation, roof replacement and roof repair services.

How Will I Access My Deck?

A deck can either be freestanding or attached. You can determine what’s best for you depending on the layout of your home. You may be able to access your deck from your patio or finished basement or from the first or second story. Having ready access points, such as doors in these areas will help you plan your project.

Whether you need a new deck or an emergency roof repair, VillWell Builders, LLC is here to assist you. Call us at (475) 271-1242 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate.

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