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Asphalt Shingle Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

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Take a short stroll around your neighborhood and see what kind of roofing systems your neighbors have. You’ll most likely see a lot of asphalt shingles since they’re one of the most popular roofing materials in the country. However, as popular as they are, there are still some maintenance mistakes that homeowners tend to commit. 

In this blog, Villwell Builders, LLC, the leading roof repair company, shares the things you shouldn’t do when conducting asphalt roof maintenance.

Using Pressure Hoses

While this seems like a good idea on the surface since these hoses have the power to wipe off moss and mold, it could actually do serious damage to your roof. While it does clean off the dirt, moss and algae from your roof, the sheer force applied by the stream of water can actually do more harm than good to your roofing system. Before using your pressure hose, make sure that you check your roof material, and read your manufacturer’s prescribed cleaning guidelines.

Your roofing contractor will tell you that pressure cleaners can provide a strong stream of water that will remove the top layer of your roof’s protection, along with other debris present. To avoid this risk altogether, leave your asphalt roof maintenance to the trusted roofing contractor in your area.

Leak Inspection

While checking and changing your roof tiles is a simple task in itself, you could cause unintended damage to intact roof tiles afterwards. Moving tiles can damage them, or the other tiles within their proximity, and remove their protective coating. Keep in mind that some roofing shingles are difficult to put back in place, and you could put your roof at risk of air and water infiltration. It’s in your best interest to call a professional roofer to assist you instead.

Whether you’re looking for a window installer or a professional in emergency roof repair, Villwell Builders, LLC is the expert to trust. You can reach us by calling (475) 271-1242 or filling out our convenient contact form. Talk to us today! 

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