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Common Signs of Commercial Roof Damage


Regular inspections help identify the common signs of commercial roofing damage, and they are even more crucial after a storm. To know if your roof is in good condition, you can hire a reliable local roofing contractor to look for these common signs of commercial roof damage.

Commercial Roof Damage

Water on the Roof

Puddles of water across your roof indicate issues with your roof drainage. The drain might be clogged and cause backflow. Furthermore, your roof’s slope might be insufficient, preventing water from draining properly. To confirm the problem, we recommend hiring a roofer to inspect your system.

Flashing Damage

Flashing covers roof seams that are most vulnerable to water infiltration. Over time, flashing can become loose, letting water leak into your interior. Flashing can get loose due to a severe storm. Catching this problem early lets you avoid leaks and costly commercial roofing expenses.


Single-ply and modified bitumen roofing materials can develop cracks as they age. Some roofs see physical damage and other issues once they reach a certain age. If you see initial signs of cracks, hire an emergency roof repair contractor to inspect, repair or replace your roof to avoid costly damage to your property.


Leaks can result from rips and cracks in your roof membrane. They typically appear as brownish water spots on your ceiling. Rips and cracks occur because natural wear breaks the roof’s watertight seal. A roofer can repair these and prevent them from becoming worse.

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