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How to Choose the Color of Your New Siding

Lime green and red colored homes

Regardless of whether you intend to install new siding or simply repaint an old one, choosing an appropriate siding color will make all the difference. You should select siding colors that are not only visually pleasing but will also complement the rest of your home’s exterior. 

Reliable siding and roofing contractor VillWell Builders, LLC lists some pointers to keep in mind when choosing your siding color.

  • Look around your neighborhood. Before deciding on a siding color, take a drive around your area and look at some of the houses. Make a list of the siding colors you notice and note the hues you like and dislike. Ideally, you want to choose a siding color that will draw attention to your property but not make it stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Consider the size and architecture of your home. Dark colors are usually ideal for small houses, while light colors suit large residences. A mid- to large-scale house with dark siding colors will appear gloomy. Meanwhile, a small home with light siding colors may fail to stand out in its landscape. This is because light colors de-emphasize features, while dark colors are great at highlighting features. The architecture of your home can also influence the color of your siding. For example, most colonial homes have white siding, while country or cottage styles offer more freedom in color selection.
  • Consider complementary color schemes. Apart from choosing your main siding color, you should also select accent colors that will help make your home’s exterior look more appealing. You can opt for a bright color or a bold shade, then create a contrast with another hue that’s lighter or darker. Complementary colors can have a tremendous impact on curb appeal and make your home appear more vibrant.
  • Consider whether or not you’re selling your home. The color palette of your home’s interior and exterior can impact your property’s value and appeal to homebuyers. Consult a real estate agent as well as your siding and roof repair contractor to know the colors highly preferred by people. If you’re thinking of using a trendy or bold shade, consider how that color will fare a few years from now. Will it still be popular, or will it make your home look outdated? Classic colors are usually the safest options if you want your property to appeal to a wider market.
  • You should consider your siding color at different times of the day. The appearance of a siding color on a bright sunny day may differ during a cloudy winter afternoon. In general, the amount of sun during summer makes colors appear brighter. To see how a particular color looks on your home, ask your supplier for large swatches and bring them home to examine how the colors look at different times of the day.

You can choose from a broad selection of siding colors and designs at VillWell Builders, LLC. Our team of professionals also guarantees excellent work on emergency roof repair and other home improvement services. Call us at (475) 271-1242 or fill out our contact form to book an appointment with us. 

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