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Professional Roof Inspections: What Should You Expect?

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Keeping your roof in good shape should be a priority. This part of your home offers protection against strong winds, rain, snow, harmful ultraviolet rays and other outdoor elements. Issues with your roofing system can result in extensive damage to other parts of your house. One way to keep track of your roof’s condition is to schedule regular inspections from experienced roofing or home improvement professionals.  

Here’s what you can expect during a professional roof inspection. 

What Happens During an Interior Roof Inspection?

Examining Your Attic for Sufficient Ventilation

Roofing issues can show signs both inside and outside your home. A thorough assessment of your attic can give your roofer an idea about the condition of your roof. A professional will check if the area has proper ventilation. Insufficient airflow in your attic can result in mold, mildew and rot — which could affect the roof’s stability. You may be busy planning a home improvement project this spring, but make sure not to forget to schedule a roof inspection to avoid problems. 

Checking if There’s Enough Insulation

Professionals will check the R-value and state of your attic’s insulation. Lack of insulation can cause high temperatures in the space, especially in winter. When this happens, snow will melt on your roof and ice dams can form. As a result, your roof will become more prone to leaks. 

Looking for Signs of Leaks and Water-Related Issues

The earlier your roofer detects a leak, the lower the possibility that your home will suffer from water damage. Acting quickly is vital when it comes to leaks because they can lead to serious issues that require costly repairs. Dark stains on your walls, damp ceilings and other common signs of water damage may indicate your roof is leaking. Like siding repair, you shouldn’t wait long before dealing with roofing issues. Putting off roof repairs can result in mold growth and rot. 

Inspecting the Area for Structural Problems

You should also expect your roofer to check your attic for signs of structural problems. Is there sunlight poking through your roof? Does the system appear to be sagging? If a roofer sees these issues, there’s a high chance you need a roof replacement due to structural damage.

What Happens During an Exterior Roof Inspection?

Checking the Condition of Shingles

Keep in mind that all jobs that require the use of a ladder, including roof inspections, are best performed by trained professionals. Trying to do the job yourself can put your safety at risk and cause unnecessary damage. Moreover, during an exterior inspection, roofers will check the condition of the shingles. They will see if there are shingles that are loose, missing, curling, rotting or buckling. 

Compromised shingles must be replaced immediately. Failure to do so can result in leaks and extensive water damage. If you notice your roof has a lot of damaged shingles, contact a professional immediately. At Villwell Builders, LLC, you can count on us for prompt roof and siding repair services.

Inspecting Flashing and Roof Protrusions

Flashing is the material that roofers install around penetrations like chimneys, valleys and walls. Leaks usually occur in these areas and flashing prevents this problem by diverting water away from these parts. This component must be installed correctly or else it can contribute to water damage and accelerated roof deterioration. 

Properly installed flashing can outlive the roof where it’s installed. Regular inspections and maintenance help in catching issues before they turn into costly repairs. Working with reliable professionals is one way to ensure proper flashing installation. Whether it’s roof replacement or building renovation, you can always expect superior workmanship when you choose Villwell Builders, LLC, for your project.

Looking for Shingle Granules in Your Gutters

Gutters play a major role in keeping your roof and the rest of your home in top shape. They bring water away from your house, preventing issues like roof and siding damage, foundation problems and erosion in your landscaping. Besides looking for signs of damage and clogging, your roofer will also check for granule buildup in your gutters. Significant granule loss is a common sign that your roof is approaching the end of its life. 

Why Schedule Regular Roof Inspection and Maintenance?

Ensure Good Drainage

The efficiency of your roof’s drainage system affects its overall performance. Leaks are more likely to occur when water fails to drain effectively from your roof. Debris like leaves and twigs can hold moisture and end up in the roof drains, hindering proper drainage. Routine inspections and maintenance are essential in maintaining efficient roof drainage.

Even if your roof appears fine from the outside, you should still have it checked regularly and after extreme weather events. Doing so will save you from expensive repairs in the future. The only way you will know the status of your roof is through a professional inspection. 

Maintain Your Home’s Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal can suffer due to a deteriorating roof. If you are looking to sell in a few years, be sure to care for your roof. Potential buyers will easily notice faults like broken, loose or missing shingles. Looking after your roof and making sure it stays clean can make your property more appealing. 

Prolong the Life of Your Roof

Routine inspections help contractors detect issues before significant damage occurs. Experienced contractors can tell if your roof has problems and recommend the best solutions to fix them. 

A proactive approach toward this part of your home helps ensure your family’s safety and comfort. It’s never a good idea to delay roof repairs because this increases the likelihood of leaks and moisture-related issues. Make sure to deal with any damage as soon as detected. Remember that if your roof is in good condition, it has better chances of withstanding the elements and weather extremes. 

Villwell Builders, LLC, is well-equipped to handle your residential and commercial roofing needs. We also specialize in bathroom remodeling and building renovation. Call us at (475) 271-1242 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our services. 

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