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Common Siding Terms You Should Know

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An excellent siding contractor with experience knows the language used to refer to various aspects of the project. Your contractor should also take time to inform you. 

In this post, VillWell Builders, LLC lists some common siding terms you should know.


The wooden strips in wood siding that seal the joints and prevent water from entering are called battens. Often, contractors refer to them when discussing board and batten siding systems.


Buttlocks lock the bottom parts of the siding panels to each other to create a snug installation.

J-Channel Molding

This molding is added to finish the edges of the siding and create a seamless look. Deck and additions contractors may also refer to these pieces as J-shaped trims.

F-Channel Molding

F-channel molding is used to trim siding installed at 90-degree angles. That said, it functions just like J-channel molding.


Friezes are decorative bands that seamlessly connect siding tops to the soffit.


Overlaps are often called laps or lap joints. These are panels that overlap each other. Most siding systems have laps to cover the nails, fastening the siding to the home exterior. Deft hands are required to overlap siding effectively.


A plumb is a tool that achieves a 90-degree level between two objects. This perfect measuring tool is crucial for installing siding that requires a 90-degree tangent from a level horizontal surface. The term plumb also refers to a perfect 90-degree measurement between vertical and horizontal surfaces.

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