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Getting HOA Approval for Your Siding Replacement

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Although living in a homeowner’s association (HOA) community has its benefits, it can sometimes have a few drawbacks when it comes to home renovation. This is because of the rules and regulations that should be followed in your remodeling project, which can be found in the HOA’s covenants, conditions, & restrictions (CC&Rs). This means that if you’re planning a full siding replacement, you can’t just go ahead with the project without getting the board’s approval.

Getting HOA Approval

When planning your siding project, you should let your contractor read the CC&Rs. However, even if your contractor is made aware of your HOA’s rules and regulations, it’s still your responsibility to ensure that the project follows them properly. As such, you’re required to apply for board approval before any renovation can be started on your home. 

When you submit your siding project for approval, the board will check to see if it adheres to the governing documents while also informing you of any existing regulations. This is to ensure that you don’t unknowingly break a rule when you move on to the installation stage.

What If You Continue Without HOA Approval?

Going ahead with your replacement project without your HOA’s approval isn’t recommended as you will likely be forced to stop the work. The HOA might also force you to redo the project completely if it violates existing guidelines. You might even be fined for noncompliance, which can hurt your budget and delay your replacement project. Be sure that you and your hired exterior deck and additions specialist understand your HOA’s CC&Rs so that the siding installation goes as smoothly as possible. 

Other Tips to Consider

  • Let the neighbors know. You can expect the installation to be messy and disruptive, so be sure to give your next-door neighbors a heads-up about the upcoming siding replacement process. Most HOAs also only allow certain working hours to keep the disturbance to a minimum. 
  • Acquire the right permits. Your siding replacement may require building permits from your city or municipality. Your HOA may also require you to get the permits before board approval. Some CC&Rs even specify whether you or your hired contractor is responsible for getting the permits.

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