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Bathroom Layout Do’s and Don’ts You Should Know

Blueprint of a remodeled bathroom

Planning a full bathroom remodel can be fun and exciting, but also overwhelming because of all the details you have to think about. The layout is a major consideration as you want to create a well-designed bathroom space. If you overlook one aspect of the layout, it may impact the functionality and appearance of your remodel.

If you want to make sure your bathroom renovation goes smoothly, you need to get the layout right. Top bathroom remodeling and roof repair contractor Villwell Builders, LLC shares what you should do and what to avoid:

Do Avoid Emptiness in Your Layout

If your bathroom space is bigger than normal, a simple layout with the vanity, tub and shower might make the interior look cold and empty. Consider adding stud walls to separate your shower and vanity areas or create a double-entry shower layout. If you’re planning to have a large tub, consider placing it more at the center of the space so that it can serve as a focal point in your bathroom. You can even add furniture such as a bench, side chair or custom cabinetry to fill up the extra space.

Don’t Confine Your Storage to One Area

When you think about where the storage is located in your bathroom, one of the first things that comes to mind is the vanity area. But storage can go beyond the vanity drawers and cabinets; in fact, you can make use of other areas in your bathroom for storage. New cabinets and shelves don’t have to be in the same area as your vanity. Placing them around your bathroom also helps in making the space look more expansive. You can also consult your trusted bathroom and roofing contractor about additional storage options for your project.

Do Consider Your Existing Infrastructure

Unless you’re planning to redo your bathroom’s entire plumbing system, you should discuss with your contractor how your layout can fit with the current plumbing infrastructure. It helps to design your layout around the existing plumbing points. Doing this can save on cost and headaches during the remodeling process.

If you’re looking for a contractor specializing in bathroom renovation or emergency roof repair, Villwell Builders, LLC is your best choice for the job. You can reach us today by calling (475) 271-1242 or filling out our convenient contact form. Let’s talk about your next project today!

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