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How to Design a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

New modern kitchen

Kitchen trends come and go, but here’s one style that has stood the test of time: mid-century modern. It became popular back in the 1940s after World War II and is recognizable by its lovely but streamlined and practical design. Premier siding and remodeling company VillWell Builders, LLC shares how you can incorporate mid-century modern design into your own kitchen space.

  • Use neutrals accented with bright colors. The palette you can use in your mid-century modern kitchen is flexible, but avoid making your choice of colors too adventurous. To create a timeless look in the space, use neutral colors, such as beige, tan, white or gray as the base. You can then liven the room with bright pops of color. If you want something a little more contemporary, you can forgo the bold accent colors and use muted tones instead, such as sage green and pale goldenrod.
  • Mix up surface materials. Mid-century modern design blends both natural and man-made materials. This means you can create a space with natural stone flooring and wood ceilings that you can use to soften the look of quartz countertops and leather furnishings. Adding live plants is also a huge thing in a mid-century modern kitchen. If you need help integrating all these different surface materials to create a cohesive space, consult a trusted kitchen and bathroom remodeling company like VillWell Builders, LLC.
  • Keep the space simple and neat. Maximalism is the last thing you’ll expect to see in a mid-century modern kitchen. The design favors a more streamlined and practical look. You’ll notice this in the cabinets, which have clean and simple lines. The door front panels are usually flat and are paired with low-key satin nickel hardware. If you want to recreate a true mid-century modern kitchen, opt for metal cabinets instead of wood ones.

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