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Have Your Roof Repaired or Replaced Before Selling Your Home

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Deciding to leave a place you have called home can be bittersweet, but moving on to something better is also a good thing. And before you leave, you’ll want to make sure your home looks attractive and sturdy for potential buyers. This means checking its most crucial areas for possible repairs or replacement. You should start with your roofing system because it’s one of the first things that homebuyers see. A roof repair or replacement seems like an unnecessary cost, but it’s important that you have one or the other done before putting your home on the market. A trusted roof and siding repair company in the area, VillWell Builders, LLC, explains some of the reasons.

1. A roof’s overall condition can affect its sale. How fast you can sell your home — and how much you get out of the sale — will depend on the state of your roofing system. Basically, the better maintained the roof, the more potential buyers you can attract. After all, nobody wants to buy and move into a new home and discover a leak before they even finish unpacking. They’re not going to be thrilled about spending more money right after making a big investment. 

With the necessary roof repair or replacement from a trusted home and building renovation contractor like VillWell Builders, LLC, you’ll be able to fast-track your home sale. In fact, you can even raise the price of your home, citing the newly repaired or installed roof as one of its main selling points. But how exactly do you know it’s time to get some roofing work done? Here are the warning signs to consider:

  • Curled, cracked or buckled shingles
  • “Bald” shingles
  • Sagging roofline, which indicates rot in the roof decking and trusses
  • Excessive granule loss on the asphalt shingles
  • Roof leaks, which are represented by water stains and streaks along your interior walls and ceilings
  • Recent hail or wind damage
  • Faded roofing shingles
  • Algae growth on the roof surface

2. A roof in poor condition can become a point of negotiation. Most potential buyers will see a home with a damaged roof and quickly move on to the next listing. Others, however, will stay and use the roof’s poor condition to try and get thousands off the asking price. You’ll want to avoid this, so take the time to have your roof repaired or replaced. With a newly repaired roof, you can justify the price you’re asking.

Home and building renovation expert VillWell Builders, LLC has the skills and experience to handle all your roof repair needs. Let our professional roof technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your system, identifying the problem areas and performing the necessary repair work as needed. We’ll make sure your roof continues to deliver reliable weather performance for your home’s next occupants.

3. A  well-maintained roof can meet the lending company’s requirements. Not every homebuyer is the same. It’s actually possible that some of them like your home enough that they’re willing to have the roof repaired or replaced themselves. But there’s a point in the home-buying process when the bank or mortgage company will conduct its own inspection of the property. They might refuse to approve the loan once they see that the roof is in bad shape. In fact, they may also require that a roof repair or replacement be done before the parties can move forward with the process. Just have your roof system repaired or replaced ahead of time. This way, you can save yourself the trouble and have the home sale finalized quickly.

Getting Started on Your Roof Replacement

If your roof is damaged enough that repairs no longer work, you’ll need to have it replaced instead. You’ll want to consider a few important things for this home improvement project. Here are some of the essentials:

  • Pick a good roofing material. You’re putting your home on the market, so it won’t be practical to choose a premium material for the new roof. Instead, go for something that looks great, can deliver excellent weather protection and comes reasonably priced, such as asphalt shingles. VillWell Builders, LLC offers high-quality asphalt shingle roofing systems from trusted industry name GAF. They’re not just designed for superior and long-lasting weather performance —  they also allow for many design possibilities thanks to their wide array of colors, profiles and thicknesses. And the best part? They can emulate the look and feel of premium roofing materials like slate, wood shake and tile, but at a price point you’ll love.
  • Decide on a roof installation method. An asphalt shingle roof can be installed in two ways. There’s roof layover, which involves laying new shingles over the old ones. That’s more cost-effective, but can also lead to a number of issues. For one thing, a roof layover may void the roofing warranty, which can be a problem later on because you’ll be transferring that warranty to your homebuyer. It’s a better idea to call a reliable home improvement company like VillWell Builders, LLC to perform a complete roof tear-off. This method involves the complete removal of the old roof system prior to the new installation. A tear-off deals with any issues the roof structure may have, allowing for a sturdier and longer-lasting system. What’s more, it won’t ever nullify the roof warranty.
  • Work with an experienced roofer. You won’t want to leave something as important as a roof replacement to a complete newbie. Make sure to hire an experienced roofer who can guarantee exceptional results. And for many homeowners in the Waterbury, Cheshire and Wolcott areas, that’s VillWell Builders, LLC. We are a fully licensed, insured and GAF Certified roofing contractor that has served these Connecticut communities for over 15 years. We’re all about superior workmanship that leaves no room for mistakes.

Make Us Your Number One Choice

Whether you need high-quality roof replacement or professional siding repair, VillWell Builders, LLC has got you covered. Let us increase your home’s overall value with our exceptional roofing solutions. Get in touch with us by calling (475) 271-1242 or filling out this contact form. We proudly serve homeowners in Waterbury, CT, and other areas in New Haven County.

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