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Top 4 Locations for Your Half-Bath Addition

Older style bathroom

Living in a multigenerational home offers many benefits, but it also has a few downsides — the long queue to the bathroom every morning being one. Fortunately, this issue can be easily mitigated with a half-bath addition, which helps make everyone’s morning routines more manageable. And if you have guests over, having a half-bath means you won’t have to direct them to the bathroom you use. There’s just one important question: where exactly do you fit one? A premier deck and additions expert, VillWell Builders, LLC, shares where you should set up your half-bath addition.

1. Underneath the Stairs

When space is at a premium in your home, the unused space under the stairs can be a spot for a powder room. Just make sure to double-check its height and headroom beforehand. With the right design considerations, you should be able to fit a toilet and wash basin in there.

2. Hallway

Perhaps you can carve out a half-bath from a transitional space in your home? The hallway is perfect for this because it usually has a dead space at the end. Consult a trusted kitchen and bathroom remodeling company like VillWell Builders, LLC to determine whether you can reclaim this specific corner and fit in a powder room. A tastefully decorated hallway may look great, but there’s no harm in turning part of its square footage into something more functional.

3. Back-to-Back Closets

Most homes have built-in storage cupboards or wardrobes. You can try opening up the space between them to provide just enough room for a half-bath addition.

4. Bedroom

A large bedroom isn’t quite the flex most people think it is, especially when the space isn’t used properly or designed efficiently. Are you lucky enough to have a bigger bedroom? You could consider using one corner and making it into an extra powder room. Choose a spot that already has a window to promote greater ventilation.

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