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Ways a New Deck Can Impact Your Home’s Resale Value

Patio deck

Adding a deck to your home is an ideal project for your home in Waterbury, CT. However, with all sizable construction projects, there are details you should consider before getting in touch with a contractor for deck and additions. Read on as VillWell Builders, LLC shares the value-adding benefits of a new deck for your home.

Why Add a Deck to Your Home

A Deck Adds Outdoor Living Space

A deck adds an attractive outdoor living space, giving you and your family more room to enjoy the surrounding greenery at home. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax with drinks after work or are seeking a spot near your grill where friends and family can gather, having extra space in which to do it is always beneficial. 

A Deck Is an Attractive Feature to Prospective Buyers

If you plan to resell in the future, decks could be incredibly attractive features like kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Prospective buyers who don’t have time to take on such big projects themselves will be highly interested in your home. By investing in one now, you’ll probably see some return when it comes time to sell your property. 

Decks come in many colors and styles that can make homes stand out and contribute to excellent curb appeal. This could certainly increase competition among people looking for houses similar to yours, particularly if there are some unique features included like benches.

A Deck Can Make a Home Look More Modern

If your home was built before the 1990s, then the chances that you need an upgrade grows exponentially. Utilizing modern materials like composite wood as well as updated design choices will give more value over lower-quality construction techniques used decades ago.

Build a Deck Today 

Adding a new deck to your home can add value by increasing living space and aesthetic appeal. Although it may seem a lot at first glance, taking variables into consideration while building a deck will help you prepare for the project and ensure its success.

If you need professional help in building your dream deck for your home in Waterbury, CT, turn to VillWell Builders, LLC  today! We will make sure your deck matches your property’s other exterior components like roofing and siding. For consultations or estimates, call or fill out our online form.