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Cottage-Style Kitchens: How to Nail the Look

Cottage style kitchen

Cottage-style kitchens are popular because of their inviting atmosphere. This kitchen design adds charm and character to any home. In this blog, Villwell Builders, LLC discusses how you can transform your kitchen into a warm and homey cooking space.

What Is a Cottage-Style Kitchen?

Cottage-style kitchens feature a pleasant atmosphere, incorporating a mix of lighter hues and cozy elements. This homey interior design choice hosts a range of appliances, fixtures, furniture and decor that give the room character. Its timeless look is perfect if you want to create a warm and appealing space in your home. 


Aside from exuding a warm atmosphere, there are many other benefits of adding a cottage-style kitchen to your home. By incorporating cozy colors with natural materials and vintage elements, you can create a tranquil setting that is both functional and beautiful. Additionally, contemporary touches ensure the room is kept modern and up-to-date while maintaining the traditional feel. 

Key Features 

A great way to get started when designing your own personalized cottage-style kitchen is by understanding what key features it should incorporate: 

  • Natural Materials – Wooden shelves, butcher blocks and concrete countertops add texture without sacrificing coziness.
  • Cozy Colors – Warmer tones, such as white walls juxtaposed with a navy island, provide contrast which adds interest to the space. A range of hues, including butter yellow, give off a welcoming feeling.
  • Rustic Accents – Add character through wall hooks for cookware or mason jars for the organization on countertops.  
  • Vintage Elements – These could be added through finds at local flea markets or even included in existing appliances like farmhouse sinks.   
  • Open Shelving – Opt for open shelving instead of cabinets since fewer pieces make more sense when trying not to overpower the small space   

How to Get the Look        

Once you have determined what kind of elements you would like featured in your cottage-style kitchen, here are some tips you can follow to help ease some stress from remodeling:                                                                                                    

  • Start with a white base. White walls make it easier to start on any design choice you decide on. This neutral color will match anything else brought into the room, ensuring a cohesive flow throughout.
  • Add texture with natural materials. Including wooden shelves and counters provides a layered look to the space. This rustic touch evokes comfort, making it easy to stay within the comely confines of the style.             
  • Select cozy colors. Use similar hues rather than contrasting ones that would just compete against each other and make everything too busy. Choose warm tones like honey beige instead of something vibrant. 
  • Incorporate vintage elements. Add unique finds like old doors, fireplaces or pieces of furniture that are functional and stylish in their own right to help complete the look.
  • Utilize open shelving. Use this feature for items such as cookware since it provides more space than what is offered through cabinets and it doesn’t engulf small spaces. Open shelves give off the appearance of spaciousness and help you organize everything into one visible, accessible place.                                                           

Build Your Dream Kitchen Today

Creating the perfect cottage-style kitchen requires a balance between comfort and design. If your home needs an update and you’re interested in using this style to bring warmth into your space, Villwell Builders, LLC can help. Call or complete our online form to schedule a consultation.