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Smart Ways to Save Money on a New Roof

New roof

Installing a new roof is a major home improvement that requires careful planning and research. Despite the upfront costs involved, it is possible for homeowners to save money on it. All it takes is to understand the costs associated with different materials and stay on top of maintenance.

This article will help you identify ways to get the most out of your roof replacement while staying within your budget. By working smarter instead of harder, you can save money on your roof replacement. Villwell Builders, LLC, the trusted siding repair and roof replacement contractor, shares some insights.

Benefits of Investing in a New Roof

There are many benefits to investing in a new roof for your home. If you are planning to sell in the future, this major improvement helps to attract potential buyers. Seeing that your property has a newly-installed roof only means that they won’t have to deal with repairs. Together with other upgrades, you can get top dollar for your home upon closing the deal with a home buyer.

Apart from an aesthetically pleasing home, a new roof can also help improve energy efficiency. With sufficient insulation and ventilation in your attic, you won’t have to worry about dealing with issues stemming from excess heat and moisture, such as mold growth and shingle deterioration. Choosing cool roofing options, in fact, allows you to save money on air conditioning, since these are composed of materials with reflective capabilities.

Don’t Wait on Roof Replacement

Keeping an eye on your roof is the key to determining whether it’s still years away from being replaced or not. Most roofs last at least 20 years, depending on materials and maintenance. However, age is only one of many factors to consider before replacing a roof. Conduct regular inspections and maintenance to make sure your roof is still in good shape. Look for unevenness in the shingles, which is an indication of deterioration or potential rot on the roof’s decking. Brittle or cracked shingles are also a sign of replacement, and of course missing shingles are an obvious problem. Check for granule loss on the asphalt shingles. The dark specks of grit inside your gutters or in your yard means your roof is wearing down and losing its weather protection due to long-term exposure to the elements.

The first step toward saving money on your roof replacement is to not wait for a disaster. If you have water leaking into your attic, or if a professional inspection revealed substantial damage to your roof, sticking with repairs no longer makes sense. Have your roof replaced before it’s too late.

Consider Materials

Replacing your roof, or tackling any other home improvement, for that matter, presents an excellent opportunity to upgrade the materials you have in order to save money in the long run. Asphalt shingles are a cost-effective and widely used material with many benefits. They are versatile in that they come in many designs. High-quality shingles are also rated to withstand winds, hail impact and fires. Another option is metal roofing. Metal roofs are usually made of recycled materials and offer excellent durability and strength, lasting longer on average than asphalt shingles. However, metal roofs tend to be quite a bit more expensive upfront. Choosing the right materials based on your budget can help make sure you are making the best investment in a new roof.

Understand the Costs

A roof replacement generally involves three separate costs: one for materials, another for labor, and a charge for disposing of the old roof. Material costs depend on the type of material you purchase, as well as on other factors such as square footage or additional features like flashing or accents. These usually require extra framing work, which would then add to the total price tag. Labor charges vary depending on experience, location and scope of work being done. While labor and materials are fairly standard, it’s essential to consider the additional cost of disposal. Your roofing company will have to haul the old material away and dispose of it properly. Be sure this is included in your quote and account for it in the job.

Research Before You Buy

It’s important to do your research before committing to a roof replacement. Read reviews online and ask friends or family for their opinions about the contractor you’re looking to hire. Make sure that the contractor is licensed, insured and properly trained in the type of roofing your house requires. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple roofing companies so that you can get the best price, making sure that they are transparent about all the costs involved in your roof replacement.

Consult Your Homeowner’s Insurance and Home Warranty

Before you proceed with replacing your roof, find out what coverage is available through your homeowner’s insurance and home warranty. Homeowner’s insurance policies will sometimes cover the repairs or replacement of a roof. Take a close look at your policy to see what coverage exists and how to access any reimbursement. Some home warranties also cover roof replacement, so if you have one, check the terms and coverages there as well.

Ask About Recycling

Remember to ask about recycling materials from your existing roof. While this may not be the best choice for every home, recycling roofing materials can cut down on the amount of material needed for the job as well as waste from landfills. Your roofing contractor may be able to offer a credit if you recycle some materials.

Cost-Effective Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is a big financial commitment, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Smart planning and research can help you save money on this project, which then allows you to get an energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing roof that will last for years to come. By understanding the costs associated with roof replacement and consulting professionals for the job, you can make sure that the entire project stays within budget.

At Villwell Builders, LLC, we offer roof installation and roof repair services that can help protect your home and everything in it. From flat or pitched roofs to metal and shingles, our team is up to the challenge. Count on us to make financing your next home improvement project a hassle-free process through our convenient lending options. We also offer frequent promotions on our building renovation and remodeling services.

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