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Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Residential Roof

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Your roof protects your home from extreme weather and harsh outdoor elements. It makes up a significant part of your exterior and the right roof can significantly increase the curb appeal of your property. Moreover, it’s also essential in keeping your interior comfortable and in maintaining good indoor air quality.

However, in many cases, people only pay attention to their roof when there’s something wrong with it. A trusted roofing contractor shares tips on how you can take better care of your roof and extend its lifespan.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are in Good Shape

Gutters help in preventing not only damage on the foundation but also on the roof. They catch the dried leaves, branches and other debris.. An efficient gutter system will direct water away from the roof and other parts of your exterior. On the other hand, clogged gutters will cause water to back up, leading to damage.

To prevent gutter problems, make sure to have them inspected and cleaned regularly. Your gutters should be secured to your home and shouldn’t have holes or gaps. If damage occurs, immediately contact your contractor to have them addressed.

Get Regular Roof Maintenance

Roofing work is dangerous, especially when you don’t have training. Also, professionals have the right tools and skills to detect and repair roof damage. Regular roof inspections can help detect minor problems before they turn into expensive repairs.

When hiring a contractor for your roof repair or maintenance, don’t forget to do your research. Check the credentials of your prospective contractor as well as their license and insurance. It’s better to hire a local contractor since they have a proven reputation and experience in your area. With a local contractor, it’s also easier to get customer feedback and references.

Trim Down Trees Surrounding Your Home

Another thing you can do to lengthen the life of your roof is to trim down trees surrounding your home. Branches can rub against the roof and cause damage to its surface. They can even cause severe damage to your home during high winds or extreme weather events. Keep your trees well-trimmed to protect your roof, skylights, and chimney. No matter what material your roof is, this task can help maximize its lifespan.

Prevent Leaks Before They Occur

Roof leaks won’t just affect the system itself but other parts of your home as well. Water can enter your indoor spaces and cause issues like rot, stains, mildew and mold growth. Mold will harm your indoor air quality and risk your family of different health problems. To avoid these, make sure that your roof is watertight. During your routine roof maintenance, your contractor should seal holes around roof penetrations, such as chimneys.

Don’t Delay Repairs

Keep in mind that not addressing repairs immediately will only make them worse. Leaks can spread quickly and before you know it, different parts of your house are experiencing water damage. If you believe something’s wrong with your roof, get in touch with a professional.

Have Your Roof Inspected Following a Storm

After a serious storm, you should have your roof inspected by a professional. While waiting, from the ground, look for missing or blown-off shingles. Also, check for curling or loose shingles, damaged flashings around penetrations like vents, chimneys and skylights.

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