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Bathroom Addition: What You Need to Know Before Building One

Modern bathroom

Besides your kitchen, the bathroom is among the most used parts of your house. Whether you have a growing family or are thinking of selling your property in the future, you will benefit from an extra bathroom. This home improvement project will significantly add more value, functionality and comfort to your house. It is also a great investment for households with varying needs. 

Here are things to consider when planning a bathroom addition and tips to help with the success of your project. 

Where Can You Add an Extra Bathroom?


A hallway linen closet or bedroom closet make the ideal place to create an extra bathroom. Adding more shelves to your bathroom or bedroom can compensate for the lost storage. You can count on an experienced home and building renovation expert for space-saving ideas. 

Spare Bedroom

Do you have a spare bedroom but rarely ever have guests that stay over? You can make better use of this room by converting it into a bathroom. This extra space would make a great master bathroom or a bathroom shared between bedrooms.


Among the least frequently used parts of the house are hallways. There could be unutilized square footage in your hallway, making it a great place to create a small bathroom. 

Your Yard

If there isn’t any interior space that you can turn into an extra bathroom, it’s time to think outside the box. Do you have extra area to spare in your yard? If so, you can use that to build your addition. 

What Factors Should You Consider When Building a New Bathroom?


Like siding repair and kitchen remodeling, various things can affect the overall cost of your bathroom addition. Plumbing largely influences the amount you need for your project. It pays to consult an expert before proceeding with the construction. 

After an inspection, a professional will know if you need to change your plumbing and electrical systems. They can also determine if you need to obtain a permit. Moreover, half-baths tend to have a lower cost because they only need a sink and a toilet. 

Amount of Space

Is the amount of space you have enough to accommodate a full or half bathroom? If you don’t have sufficient room indoors, you might need to extend your house. How much space you have also determines what you can do with your bathroom addition.


Moisture-rich locations, such as bathrooms, require sufficient ventilation. Adding windows and installing exhaust fans will help eliminate excess moisture from the room. Proper ventilation will help you avoid mold, rot and electrical issues in your new bathroom. 


What kind of look do you wish to achieve in your new bathroom? Building this addition involves making a lot of design choices. You’ll need to decide which color is ideal for your walls and flooring, choose a tile material and select the right fixtures. All of the decision-making could be overwhelming, especially for homeowners planning a project for the first time. 

Seeking inspiration and researching will help you make the best choices for your space. It will help to decide on your bathroom’s focal point first and then work on the other elements around it. You will also benefit from working with an experienced home remodeling contractor. Moreover, consider both function and appeal when making selections for your bathroom. 

Why Add Another Bathroom to Your Home?

Avoid Long Wait Times

An extra bathroom will make all the difference in your home, especially during busy mornings. If you only have one bathroom, you probably understand the struggle of waiting for someone to finish getting ready before you can. A bathroom addition would eliminate queues and help you avoid being late for work or school. 

Increase Your Home’s Value

The bathroom is among the first places homebuyers check when assessing a property. Even minor upgrades to this room can dramatically increase your home’s marketability. This home improvement project can add more appeal to your house, which will be a benefit if you plan to sell your property soon.

Accept Guests Without Worries

It’s hard enough to share a bathroom with the entire family. The challenge becomes even more difficult when you have visiting family members or guests. With an added bathroom, you can host gatherings and parties without worries. 

Enjoy Added Privacy

Another great thing about an extra bathroom is it will add privacy to your living space. It will eliminate the pressure of using the room quickly because someone is waiting outside the door. To ensure your addition meets your needs, work with an experienced home and building renovation expert. A reliable contractor will hear your concerns and suggest the best solutions to address them. 

Have an Option in Case of an Emergency

If you can’t use your bathroom due to a sudden plumbing issue, you’ll have an additional bathroom in the house. When someone in the family is sick, you can avoid spreading bacteria and viruses if you have a second bathroom. 

Improve Your Home’s Safety

You can have your new bathroom designed for your aging loved ones or family members with mobility issues. With your addition on the first floor, you can add accessible features, such as grab bars, nonslip flooring and a walk-in tub or shower. 

Maximize Unused Spaces

Unused space in your home will have a purpose when you turn it into a bathroom. Your barely used guest bedroom and office might be the ideal spots for your addition. Even the small space in your hallway can be turned into a powder room for guests. Many times, the space you need to create a new bathroom is already inside the house. 

The success of your home addition largely depends on the contractor you will hire for your project. Make the most of your investment by hiring a dependable company like VillWell Builders, LLC. Aside from renovations, we also offer siding repair and replacement services. Call us at (475) 271-1242 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. 

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