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7 Clever Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger


The bathroom has evolved from a closetlike room that meets basic hygiene needs into a luxury space where style, comfort and accessibility meet. There’s actually nothing stopping you from turning your bathroom into your own mini spa, except perhaps space. Does your bathroom feel small and crowded? There are a few smart design ideas you can try to make it look and feel larger and more open. Villwell Builders, LLC, the expert in siding repair and bathroom renovation, shares some ideas here.

Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

1. Go for a Lighter Palette

A general rule of thumb when designing any small space is to avoid choosing dark colors or contrasting hues. Stick with a lighter color scheme to open up your bath space. Warm white paired with other neutral colors like tan and beige is a prime example. Another popular option is soft gray. But if you want something with a little more color, pick seafoam green, sky blue or butter yellow for the walls, then pair it with white trim and cabinetry.

To make the floor appear seamless with the rest of the room, choose a tile that matches the wall colors. Avoid putting any color on the ceiling; basic white is the way to go. Some reliable home improvement experts recommend keeping the walls and trim light, then introduce color through your choice of accessories. These may range from towels and soap dispensers, to fixture finishes and patterned rugs. But you should also be careful not to overwhelm the space with too many vibrant accessories.

2. Create the Illusion of a Taller Bathroom

Make your small-scale bathroom look and feel more open by visually raising the ceiling height. You can make this possible by replacing large crown molding with a lighter, narrower one. The latter should also be painted the same color as the ceiling. This way, the connection between the wall and ceiling appears more seamless.

3. Choose Your Light Fixtures Carefully

Good lighting design remains an integral part of any building renovation. When the aim is to make a small bathroom feel larger, avoid picking light fixtures that hang down from the ceiling, as they emphasize the room’s limited space. Go for recessed lighting instead; its sleek and contemporary look helps ensure that the bathroom won’t feel cramped. Recessed lighting is best positioned over the vanity and sink or in the shower area. To augment its illumination, pair recessed lighting with wall sconces that direct light upward. This creates a blurring effect that makes it seem like the ceiling has receded.

4. Plan an Open-Concept Bathroom

Sometimes, it’s good to break down barriers the literal way. Those solid partitions between the tub and shower areas and the rest of your bathroom can make the space look and feel smaller than it actually is. You’ll want to swap those with glass. Using clear glass makes the shower and tub areas an extension of the bathroom, allowing for a more open vibe. You won’t get the same result with a curtain or half-wall, which cuts them off into separate zones. 

There are several other ways to design an open bathroom layout. You can, for example, strategically position the bath’s main components to allow for a smoother movement, or convert a rarely used tub into a barrier-free shower. To effectively incorporate an open-concept layout into your small bathroom, make sure to consult a trusted local home improvement company like Villwell Builders, LLC.

5. Let in More Natural Light

If it’s possible to add more windows to your small bathroom, do so. Natural light remains the best type of lighting in any space. It creates an airy and spacious vibe while also establishing a good connection between your bathroom and the outdoors. To enjoy more sunlight in the space without compromising privacy, have the windows installed higher up the wall. If that’s not possible, have one or two skylights installed.

6. Reflect Available Light in the Space

Here’s a trick that many building renovation experts use to make a room look bigger: add mirrors. They let light bounce around the space, allowing for a more open feel while providing the room with visual depth. You may consider mirroring an entire wall in your bathroom to maximize light reflectivity, or at least integrate multiple smaller ones into the space. If not, you can use high-gloss finishes for the fixtures in the tub, shower and sink, or invest in countertop and backsplash materials with a shiny surface.

7. Don’t Overlook Storage

A neat and organized bathroom looks and feels bigger than it actually is. But it’s also not a good idea to fill the space with cabinets and drawers just to keep stuff organized. Keep only the essentials in the room. Anything extra, such as towels, tissue boxes and cleaning supplies, can be stored in a nearby bedroom or hall closet. Use vertical storage to best effect inside the bathroom, and try to take advantage of the negative spaces above the bathroom door and toilet, as they offer a great spot for open shelves. 

Working Well With Villwell

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Incomparable Bathroom Renovation Services

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